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One aspect Kopf Hunter Haas’ free services that I have enjoyed over the recent months is the library of Scoop 60 videos. I started watching the videos in earnest during a time when my husband and I were thinking about a potential relocation to Florida instead of staying here in Cincinnati.

The Scoop 60 videos aren’t just another marketing hype. Instead, they provide useful information about homeownership in Greater Cincinnati and how to make living here more fun. The entertainment ideas presented in the collection of online videos are always at least economical, and most often the ideas are totally free. How refreshing!

I feel that the type of community opportunities described in the brief Scoop 60 videos fill an important void for those of us that are not involved in high school sports, are not overly excited about professional sports and don’t have so much awareness of the off the beaten path museums and parks that are plentiful in Greater Cincinnati. After all, there would be nothing worse than moving into your “dream home” only to find out that the minute you leave the front door that the community didn’t have so much to offer.

It takes someone like Pete Kopf and his long-term love of Cincinnati to provide insight into the unique flavor of Cincinnati. His efforts to promote Cincinnati through Scoop 60 helped convince us to stay in Cincinnati instead of relocating to Florida. I’ve never felt better about any decision. 


Buyer in Anderson

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