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I met Ann at one of her open houses and I spoke with her about the type of house I was looking for. After getting to know me better and throughout the looking process she knew exactly the kind of house I was looking for even before I did. She really demonstrated this by exercising her patience in finding the right house for me. Many times we would walk through a house and she would say to me after sensing my reservation, “You’re not crazy about this house. Let’s not rush it and be patient.” And she was exactly right. Her expertise of guiding me to the house I knew I wanted, but that I couldn’t quite pinpoint or describe correctly was unbelievable (she might be a mind reader). She gave me all of the tools to make fair offers that would protect my investment. Overall Ann treated me like one of her own. She took the time to get to know me and found the house I had in my vision. I can’t thank Ann enough for her drive, passion, commitment to find this home for me! 



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