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My husband and I are 27 and originally from Tennessee. We were recommended to Valerie as we were looking to buy our first “real adult” home; inclusive of a yard, extra square footage for our family to grow, and a big kitchen for cooking. Being so new to the home buying process, we leaned heavily on Valerie’s knowledge and experience. I can’t tell you how many times she asked seller’s agents or builders questions on our behalf, prompting my husband and I to whisper to each other, “Wow, I’m so glad she asked that,” or “I never would have thought of that”. She made helpful recommendations and advised us when we felt a bit overwhelmed. Her work ethic and determination to find us our perfect home shined as she would readily answer my 7am texts and 9pm calls. She made us feel so valued as her clients, and we undoubtably knew that she had our best interests at heart. When we move again, I will not hesitate to reach back out to her. 

Valerie, we love our new home so much. You were truly a pleasure to work with, and we cannot thank you enough for helping us start our new adventure in Ohio. 

Rheagan and Ryan K.

Rheagan and Ryan K., Buyers in Monroe

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