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Sellers’ Roadmap

Between now and closing, there is still a lot of work to be done before you can exchange keys and close on the home. Some steps require actions by you while others are handled by people working on your behalf-the lender, title company, Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors®, and more.

Below is a snapshot of the closing steps that will require action by you. We will keep in touch with you throughout the closing process and remind you when a task is due, as well as provide more information to help you perform each task.

  • Selling to Move Up

    Many people find themselves wanting more space at home or needing to change their address for whatever reason. In this situation, homeowners are trying to sell their current home while they look to buy an other home. Timing is everything, and it’s important to know what your options are before making any final decisions.

    The first, and most important thing to do is get your current home in tip-top shape for the market. It is difficult to get qualified for two mortgages even more so in a slow market. Remember that a time frame can influence the factor of the actual selling price of your home. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced professional helping you with the transition and the timeline organization. We want to make sure that when you find your dream home, you are positioned as well as possible, so you can move forward with ease.

    The second step is to get a current value on your home. This will help you understand how various factors will affect your current home market pricing. It is also a good idea to have the condition of the home checked by a professional and make any needed repairs.

    The transition of selling one home and buying another can be overwhelming, and it is important to contact a lender immediately when you are ready to move forward. If you don’t have a lender, contact your Realtor® for suggestions and recommendations.

  • The Cost of Selling


    Before Closing

    • Cleaning, painting, window washing, fix-ups, staging and decorating, landscaping etc.
    • Pre-inspections (it is sometimes a good idea to hire a professional to pre-inspect your home before buyer inspections)
    • Vacancy bills, i.e. paying for electric, heating and air, homeowner’s insurance, all while the house sits empty

    After Closing

    • Real estate agent commissions, closing costs, settlement charges, lending/title fees, credits to the buyer, transfer/capital gain taxes, home warranty, moving costs, etc.
    • Remember to configure your budget and stick to it. Call a Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors® professional today for more information!
  • Choosing Your Agent

    Selling your home is probably the biggest financial decision you will make. It is important to work with someone that you trust has your best interests at heart, and who will be an advocate that negotiates on your behalf. At Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors® it is our goal to serve your needs at all times, not just for your current transaction. We want you to help you with your next sell/purchase years down the road and for you to feel comfortable referring your friends and family. For these reasons we take great pride in our work and strive to treat each client like a member of our family. Please see our Bios to learn more about each one of us and how we can help you.

  • Preparing Your Home for Market

    Preparing your home for market means more than appealing to buyers. Home Inspectors pay close attention and their approval is necessary to encourage potential buyers to make an offer. Repairs may require a bit of work on your part, but it will be worth it in the end to give home inspectors and potential buyers the best impression. Showing that your home has been well cared for goes a long way with buyers. Each person looks at different features to decide if it’s the right home for them. So give buyers plenty of reasons to pick your home!

  • Boosting Curb Appeal

    Many home buyers will drive through a neighborhood to catch a glimpse of a home for sale and decide on the spot whether it’s worth touring. This “curb appeal,” or first impression is very important to attracting qualified buyers who are more interested in what they see now as opposed to the home’s potential.

    It is important to attract as many qualified buyer as possible. One way to do this is by boosting the curb appeal. In preparing your home for sale, it is necessary to envision your home through the buyer’s eyes. There are many ways to freshen up the appearance of your home that don’t require completely re-landscaping or putting on a new roof. Check out our Scoop :60 posts for ideas.

  • Our Methodology

    Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors® uses the best marketing strategies in the real estate industry to sell homes. These strategies include website marketing, realtor tours, exclusive preview sessions, brochures, open houses, print advertisements, listings in the Cincinnati MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and social media networking. Kopf Hunter Haas Realtors® has a tradition of exceptional customer service and a team approach that assures each client receives the attention and assistance they require!

  • Quick Notice Showing Tips

    Your agent just called and he’s bringing a potential buyer to your home in 15 minutes!! Follow these quick tips to get your home ready for the showing when you have 30 minutes or less.

    Start at the beginning:

    • Make sure the front door is inviting.
    • Sweep the steps or porch if necessary.
    • Store toys, tools or out-of-place objects.
    • Pick off the dead flowers in the pots.

    Head inside:

    • Open all the window treatments, draperies, blinds, shutters.
    • Turn on all the lights.
    • Make the beds
    • Put toilet seats down.
    • Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher.
    • Store other items on the counters in the oven.
    • Put laundry in the washer.

    If you still have time:

    • Vacuum to give carpets and floors a fresh look.
    • Wipe down counters, sinks, and appliances.
    • Warm some vanilla on the stove or have cookie dough ready to bake to give the house a welcoming scent.

    It would be wonderful to have your home in “showcase” condition 24 hours a day, but we understand you have to live there. It is important to present your house in the best light and make it available to as many qualified buyers as possible.

  • Accepting an Offer

    We are here to help you review all offers!

  • Closing Steps

    Following these steps will ensure a smooth ride to closing!

    • Inspections/Appraisal: Per the contract you have agreed to let the buyers perform inspections on the home within a certain time. The buyer’s lender orders the appraisal through a third party management company and has little say on the timing. Please work with the appraiser on timing so loan processing is not delayed!
    • Complete inspection repairs: Repairs agreed to from the inspection addendum need to be addressed prior to closing.
    • Order your loan payoff: The title company will need an official document from your lender with the exact payoff amounts to ensure they are paid off through the closing.
    • Allow final walk-thru: Buyers are entitled to walk through up to 48 hours prior to closing. Please be flexible!
  • Moving Checklist

    Here’s some things to think about as you prepare to move into your new home either in town or moving to a new city:

    • Give your new address to post office, credit cards, utility companies, subscriptions, family and friends
    • Close out local bank accounts and set up new accounts
    • Notify insurance companies of new location for coverage
    • Obtain school records, legal records and other documents
    • Obtain medical records and history, transfer prescriptions
    • Research or ask for referrals for doctors, dentists, specialists in the new town
    • Disconnect utilities and get refunds for any deposits made
    • Register children in the new schools
    • Use up food in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and prepare for moving

    On Moving Day:

    • Double check rooms, closets, and cabinets for items left behind
    • Make sure children have books and games to keep them entertained during travel
    • Prepare your pets for travel
    • Carry jewelry and important documents with you �?? not in the moving van
    • Leave all the keys, door openers, and fobs for the new owner

    At Your New Address:

    • Contact utility services to begin service: gas, electric, water, telephone, cable, security company
    • If relocating to a new state: register your car/s within 5 days of arrival and apply for a new driver’s license
    • If staying in the same state: obtain a driver’s license with your new address
    • Register kids for school
    • Set up new patient appointments with doctors and dentists
    • Explore your new neighborhood!