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January 8, 2020
by Shayla Concannon

Trends that Will or Will not stand the test of time

Some trends stick, some don’t! Organizing books by color, the overuse of Hygge and the Fiddle Leaf tree, all white kitchens and subway tile everyhere! Will these designer “go-to’s” remain or be a thing of the past? 

Farmhouse! Open shelves! Plants? Who knew.

The Best (& Worst) Home Trends of the 2010s, According to You

Source: Food 52

A month ago, a friend directed me to a Reddit thread from earlier this year in which this Redditor posted a question about the home trends we’ll regret in 20 years. It got well over 2000 posts about everything from painted floors to barn doors and…Joanna Gaines–but the discussion around open shelves was particularly heated. “This really is one of the dumbest trends. People tear out top cabinets to put in those shelves and lose a ton of space,” said one Redditor. Oops, I remember thinking, I rather like open shelves.

So last week, noting that the decade was passing us by, we posted this question on our community hotline: What home décor trends from the 2010s are you sooo ready to say goodbye to? The opinions came in unfiltered. Turns out people have very strong opinions on what they’d like to leave behind in the 2010s. (Of course, we’ve written about almost all of these, so the joke’s on us.) Here are some of them:

The last decade has given us a lot of really distinctive (and divisive) home décor trends: the dominance of the all-white kitchen, the rise of the subway tile backsplash, the growth of direct-to-consumer furniture brands, an interest in natural, sustainable materials, and…millennial pink (I’ll admit, I never really got that one–reminds me too much of Pepto Bismol). Some started and ended as passing fads (remember the backward books trend? No? How about this holiday trend?), others graduated to full-blown trends, and some, like midcentury modernism, got so integrated into modern living, we’re not sure when and how we lived without them.

While we’re on it, here are some others we think could use a rest. They were fun while they lasted, but we’re excited to see what’s next: ï»¿

Open Edison Bulbs


Organizing Books By Color


All White Interiors

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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