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January 17, 2014
by Shayla Concannon



The community of Montgomery began in the spring of 1795 when six sturdy and resolute families from Orange County, New York, set out on a journey that brought them to what is today Montgomery, Ohio. The families were all related with names that have become commonplace in our community.

The growth of Montgomery was a gradual one with about a dozen homes being built by 1816. That number grew to about 500 by 1950. In 1910, Montgomery was incorporated as a village, and it became a city in 1971 having reached 5000 inhabitants. Today, the population is approximately 10,000.

To preserve the Citys cultural heritage, the Montgomery Landmarks Commission was established in 1976 by a group of stalwart citizens like their forbearers. As of today, the Commission has identified 32 landmarks to commemorate the Citys historical beginnings. These landmarks will be preserved for future generations as a tribute to Montgomerys past.

Present Day
Today, Montgomery is a vibrant, high-quality, family oriented city of 10,000 that embraces its future while valuing the traditions and history of its past. It is home to wonderfully quaint old buildings that are a reminder of a quieter, slower time in our community.

We highly recommend making a visit to Montgomery today! See more here.


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