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December 27, 2016
by Shayla Concannon

Madtree Tap Room will open in the winter of 2017!

Look, it’s a brewery! And the Grand Opening date has been set.


MadTree Brewing is building a new production brewery, taproom, beer garden, and event space at 3301 Madison Rd. in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Oakley.

Progress you can SEE!

Source:Madtree You might drive by the new site of Madtree and wonder if there is progress being made- Rest assured the project is moving along and will be opening in the near future!

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA For a little while it seemed like the site had gone idle since demolition was completed, but now we can see some real progress! The old hangar has new concrete floors (complete with an extensive drainage system), is getting a new roof (bye-bye tin metal roof), and the concrete foundation of the taproom has been poured. This is the point in the project when things start to get REALLY exciting. You know, stuff like picking out the paint for the bathroom, figuring out where to put all the WiFi access points, and deciding on the style of bathroom signs. Okay, maybe that’s not all that exciting but it is a sign of progress. Check out these construction pictures and keep scrolling for the some very shiny metal objects. Walls, ceilings, floors, equipment, parking lot, and the beginnings of a bar. These are all things that are in place as construction zooms along at MadTree 2.0. It’s remarkable how quickly it is coming together and how close we are to the Grand Opening and Winter Bonanza anniversary celebration. Check out these pictures and keep reading to find out when you can have your first beer at 2.0! madtree-4 madtree-5 madtrre-3madtree-6Let’s start with some of the equipment loading. The brewhouse and hot and cold liquor tanks have arrived and have been installed. There’s nothing like seeing all that stainless steel rolling down the road.

It�s getting REALLY real

Holy smokes! It’s starting to look like a real brewery! We’ve been very fortunate to have great weather so everything is moving full-steam ahead in anticipation of the taproom opening Winter 2017. Let’s take a look at all the new progress. The brewery has front walls and the steel framing for all the windows are in place. he concrete floor has the non-slip coating laid down now in preparation for delivery of all the brewhouse equipment. You can also see the new high-tech drains that use a fraction of the water to carry away solids and waste when compared to traditional trench drains. They don’t look like much but they are small and mighty.

Unearthing The Past

We’ve entered a phase in the project where it seems like a lot isn’t happening since there aren’t dramatic scenes of demolition or construction. However, progress has been made in terms of obtaining all important permits along with preparing for progress. There was an unexpected find last week as work began to prep for plumbing the new, very large, bathrooms. An old foundation was unearthed from some previous building. Perhaps it is a piece of the original structure of the Cincinnati Frog and Switch Company established in 1906. The company manufactured railroad track switching components used throughout the United States and internationally. Mr. Charles Partington grew the company into a 40,000 sq. ft. facility on the current 2.0 site, employing more than 100 people. We can’t be completely sure this is a part of that building, but it is certainly fascinating to unearth a piece of Oakley and Cincinnati history. Other exciting work has been the excavation of the floor of the hangar to begin laying down drainage in preparation for pouring the brewery floor. The old concrete floor was removed while portions were hand excavated to keep the large steel tie rods in-tact so the building retains its structural integrity. During that process workers made a pretty remarkable find. A beer bottle from the Bruckmann Brewery was found 8 feet below the surface in nearly perfect condition. Local beer historians estimate it’s from some time around the late 1910s prior to Prohibition. You can actually still see the original Bruckmann Brewery building just off Ludlow Ave near Cincinnati State, across the street from the police station.

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