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July 7, 2016
by Shayla Concannon

How to Label Boxes for Your Move!

Being well organized, efficient, and orderly can be the difference between having a smooth, stress free move or a move that is complicated and disorganized.  The article featured provides some simple tips and reminders on how to make your move a systematic process from start to finish.

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These pro tricks will take you from stressed-out novice to moving master.

Its a known fact that proper organization is the main prerequisite for a successful move. Even seemingly small details, such as labeling boxes, can make a big difference in the final outcome of your relocation adventure.

So, what is the best way to approach labeling moving boxes?

First, make sure you have everything you need. Then, choose a labeling system that works for you. And dont forget to mark the boxes with your specific handling requirements.

Materials youll need

Before you can get down to work, you need to have a few items on hand:

Labeling systems

If youre moving yourself, you can come up with creative ways to label your moving boxes. It doesnt really matter what kind of labeling system you choose, as long as it makes sense to you and helps you organize your stuff.

If you hired professional movers to help you relocate, however, make sure you use a clear and efficient labeling system that will facilitate their work and prevent confusion and mistakes.

Two labeling methods have proven to yield the best possible results during the hectic moving process:

Dont forget to label the rooms in your new home as well: attach color cards or number cards on the doors, so that your movers can deliver the right boxes to the correct room.

How to label your moving boxes

When labeling boxes for moving, its best to use clear packing tape over the attached labels so they dont come loose during the transportation. You should also write your instructions directly on the boxes using permanent waterproof markers.

Be as specific as possible when labeling the moving boxes to ensure the safety of your items during transit, and to facilitate the unpacking process once you get to your new home.

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