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June 7, 2016
by Shayla Concannon

Here’s Why We’re Pumped About Cork & Cap of Hyde Park

Even if you don’t live in the Hyde Park area this new restaurant might just be worth the visit!  Open air dining experience, plus a patio, dog friendly, and a super creative and fun wine list are all elements of the new Cork & Cap.  Another item for our “Summer To Do” list.

cap and cork

Source: Cincinnati Refined

Um, hello. “Favorite things” alert:

Adorable walkability. A large wine list. A summer-ready patio. … You’re singing our song.

Cork & Cap of Hyde Park is open, and wine-lovers everywhere (well, at least throughout the Tri-State) are rejoicing.


We had a chance to catch up with Cork & Cap’s sommelier, Chip, who gave us the rundown on how the bar’s wine list works.

Basically, there are flavor profiles for each type of wine. Under your reds, for instance, you have categories like Silk, Spice, Smoke, Earth, and Herb. The whites are divided a bit differently:The Sea, The Garden, The Orchard, The Jungle. These groupings help even the most novice of winos navigate the menu with ease. Aside from being a brilliant organizational tool, the categorizations & descriptions are dead-on.

“Floral and Aromatic, Fresh and Adventurous.” Is that a flavor profile or a dating app description? Either way, we’re in.

Cork & Cap also offers something super fun called the Patio Rosé Grab Bag. (Intriguing, right?) Essentially, for $25 bucks you get to do a blind pull from their selection of bottles (which ranges widely, in both region and price). From there, it’s off to the patio to enjoy your spoils. Très cosmopolitan, non?


Not every wine bar has food that’s worth writing home about… but we are writing home.

The menu is primarily appetizers & small plates, along with some grilled-to-perfection pizza. First, let’s talk about the pizza. The crust is grilled on both sides before being loaded up with toppings. It’s then finished off on a stone hearth to give it a rustic taste.

Other must-trys: If fried mozzarella sticks happen to be one of your great guilty pleasures, then you’ve gotta try the Fried Grit Cakes. These bad boys are filled with Frisee, Romesco, Manchego, and Sherry Vinegar, which — in case you can’t tell — results in the most creamy, dreamy, gourmet appetizer you’ll ever have.

All in all, there is no shortage of deliciousness to pair with whatever glass you select.


More often than not, a great wine list & some killer food is enough to land firmly on our good side. But Cork & Cap does us one better.

The bar’s prime location makes it the perfect walking destination for all you Hyde Park-ians & Mount Lookout-ers. Not a neighborhood local? The huge patio (which sits right in Hyde Park Square) is worth almost any drive.

They even have a second, dog-friendly courtyard for you to share with your four-legged friend. Plus, we got the inside scoop that the Cork & Cap team will be renovating one of their front windows to create an open-air experience in the dining room. … Now they really are singing our song.

We’re looking forward to many a summer evening of wining & dining on the patio. Feel free to join us!

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Cork & Cap of Hyde Park is located at 2637 Erie Ave (45208). To find out more, visit the bar’s Facebook page.

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