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July 15, 2016
by Shayla Concannon

Teller’s of Hyde Park Is An East Side Dining Institution

We take for granted the old stand bye Tellers in HP Square.  It’s been around for 20+ years!  That is pretty remarkable.  The outdoor patio is a favorite of many.  We are very fortunate to have this establishment in the heart of our neighborhood.


Source: Cincinnati Refined

Restaurants, like artists (or say… magicians), have to create something out of nothing.
They have to create a vibe/ a persona/ a reason for patrons to darken the door in the first place (much less stick around over the years to develop a relationship).

That creative process, of course, requires a fair amount of self-awareness & self-realization. And yes, even a pinch of self-reinvention.

 Want to be anything more than a “flash in the pan” success? You’d better keep all of that self-examination pretty dang close to the surface. Hoping to rack up 20+ happy years (and earn yourself “neighborhood favorite” status along the way)? Simply put… You’d better have the goods.Which is all to say:
Keep rockin’, Teller’s of Hyde Park. Keep rockin’.  Housed in a former bank on Hyde Park Square, Teller’s is a bona fide East Side institution. Whether you go to enjoy the Bloody Mary bar on weekends, the $25 lobster dinner on Mondays, or to experiment with a dish you’ve never tried, chances are you’re gonna find something to love. (Plus, where else can you have dinner inside a bank vault?)The takeaway: If you’ve yet to give Teller’s a try (or heck, even if you have), you should head over. You should head over real soon.

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